About Us


The TAIT Group

For over 17 years productionglue has been collaborating with innovative global brands including Nike, the NBA, Hulu, and Princeton University to create some of the most talked-about events of our time. In 2016, we became part of The TAIT Group, leveraging TAIT’s global footprint and depth of technical expertise to produce out-of-this-world immersive activations both in-person and virtually, helping A-list celebrities, global CEOs, world leaders, and dignitaries shine from center-stage.



TAIT is a global team of creative engineers, fabricators, producers, and technologists who produce live entertainment environments. Bringing extraordinary ideas to life, collaborating on design concepts, and delivering precision engineering, technical innovation, and manufacturing. Engineering complex movements for artists, brands, performing arts spaces, and venues around the world with their industry-leading show control and automation technology.

Photo: TAIT x Usher Vegas 2021 – Paul Tate dePoo III

Diversity + Inclusion

The TAIT Group believes in an inclusive culture – it drives everything that we do at productionglue. Every voice deserves a chance to be heard, and every person should feel they belong. We acknowledge that this work is ongoing, and strive to embed inclusive principles across all facets of our business – from increasing diversity through equitable hiring, policies, and employee resources, to designing barrier-free environments for our projects.

We are mindful of creating experiences that all can participate in. Accessibility informs our furniture choices, our restroom facilities and placement, the event’s flow, and governs the content and the activations that we produce.

Our efforts are focused on impact rather than intentions. We are a team who stands up for what we believe in and stands up for one another – amongst our community of colleagues, teams, vendors, partners, and clients.


We don’t just create environments – we protect them too. Each event is approached with the mindset of what happens once we are done. We work hard to help our clients mitigate their impact by reducing consumption at the front end, helping clients achieve their sustainability goals.

Our sustainability commitment limits excess in every project we undertake. We’ve helped our clients achieve a diversion rate of 90.5%, keeping 137.6 tons of materials out of landfills. Diversion rates at this level qualify as Zero Waste, an impressive statistic and something we are incredibly proud of.

Saving the planet – one event at a time!