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Hulu Upfront

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Upfront season is one of the busiest times of the year for advertising agencies, brands and media buyers. A time when the biggest names in television seek to make a huge splash through their annual upfront, to attract all of those lucrative advertising dollars. Hulu is no exception. One of the original streaming platforms, they continually seek to find innovative ways to unveil new original content and their ever-growing catalog of television shows and movies.

For over a decade, we’ve partnered with Valencia Production Partners and Swisher Productions, bringing our technical direction expertise to help Hulu put on a phenomenal show. Working with them to produce immersive experiences, jaw-dropping lighting, and video effects, highlight pertinent insights and showcase a bevy of onstage talent. Together, we have produced dozens of magical moments that have dazzled crowds, driven anticipation for Hulu’s upcoming season, and have fueled ad sales.

Hulu’s Upfront continually makes headlines, featured in AdAge, Hollywood Reporter, Fortune, Digiday, Variety, NYTimes, and Forbes.

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