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Yahoo! Sports NBA All-Star The First Bounce 

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Yahoo! Sports was looking to create an unforgettable NBA All-Star activation that would transport guests onto the hardcourt where legends were made, and hard-fought battles won. Exploring first bounces that set the trajectory for our love of basketball. 

We were thrilled to partner up with Hovercraft and Atlantic New York Agency to help make Yahoo!’s The First Bounce experience take flight. This pop-up was a truly electric experience where guests could travel back to four iconic courts that have influenced the game. Trip out in Jackson Park in the ‘60s, as Isiah Thomas reminisces playing streetball in Chicago. Hit the Harlem blacktop in Rucker Park 70’s style, a place that not only influenced the game – but music, art, and sneaker culture – where Nancy Lieberman, a.k.a “Lady Magic” cemented her legacy. On to the ‘80s and McGreggor Park in Houston, where Clyde the Glide Drexler relives his early days on the asphalt.

Venice Beach in the ‘90s, where Kenn Hicks “The Godfather of Basketball” started The National Outdoor Basketball Championship.

This immersive experience came to life through technical wizardry using a mix of digital formats. Projection served as the backdrop for each of the environments, LCD monitors displayed era-specific information, and content overlays on regulation backboards synced across all surfaces. Hovercraft’s powerful content and designs were backed by a 5.1 channel surround sound that enveloped fans in incredible moments.

Bold floor graphics and court lines helped make this a spectacular All-Star experience.

Yahoo! Sports was able to score a slam dunk with this All-Star activation. One that allowed fans to connect deeper with the game and inspired a drive for greatness.

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