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MDLBEAST was looking to assemble the brightest minds in the music biz for a 3-day deep dive into what it takes to be a commercial success in the industry. They wanted to honor the tangible progress being made in the MENA region, while offering a platform celebrating creative entrepreneurship, with the aim of helping to shape the careers of emerging artists with performance opportunities, networking sessions, and educational programming.

Welcome to XP Music Futures a multi-genre music conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where the next big music export is waiting to be found. 222 Speakers. 76 sessions. And over-the-top-entertainment. For 3 days and 3 nights attendees exchanged ideas and immersed themselves in scintillating sounds. As the sun set, sparks began to fly as regional artists lit up the night. 3 warehouses. 7 stages and over 100 musical performances raised the roof. MDLBEAST’s ambitious annual conference brought brands, labels, artists, and key players together for candid conversations and hands-on workshops that inspired discovery and fostered growth.


Artists could attend writers’ workshops, sift through vinyl shops, catch a keynote, or take in a panel discussion about the evolving industry. Guests could step into a sound room to immerse deeply in music, strike a pose in an album cover photo booth, or radiate joy in a neon playground. Intensive professional training sessions helped attendees level up and showcased their star power through a talent competition. Drum circles and live graffiti sponsored by Spotify layered in a level of energy and artistry that sent this experience into the stratosphere.



XP Music Futures built the foundation for the music industry to thrive in Saudi Arabia, earning a multitude of media coverage from publications like IQ Magazine and Cosmopolitan Middle East.

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