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TBS Miracle Workers Dark Ages Launch Party

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TBS wanted to turn back time to launch their new season of Miracle Workers and send media and influencers back to the Dark Ages. Alas, history would not repeat itself. These Dark Ages were to be infused with cutting edge technology that would fuel immersive experiences and shareable moments.

This was a medieval celebration as outlandish as the show, with decadently dressed musicians playing modern music on period instruments. Wylie Dufresne cooked up a feast fit for a king, with a whole roast pig, hearty breads, cured meats and endless pastries that left the neighboring villagers salivating. Wooden tokens scored guests some Meade, while sketch artists drew their photographic likeness. Fair maidens could delight at hair braiding stations or pose for portraits at an imaging booth that populated gilded frames lining the walls.

Guests watched the season premiere of Miracle Workers via Silent Disco headphones and laugher could be heard throughout Houston Hall. There were oodles of stuffed ducks, nuns, an executioner, along with wenches and shit shovels that stirred up extreme merriment.

This event in partnership with Civic Entertainment Group earned widespread praise and its place in history books.

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