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Snap NewFront 2022

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Snap was looking to express themselves during NewFront season, transforming the Rose Theater at Jazz at Lincoln Center into a bold yellow brandscape that would shine the spotlight on what sets them apart. Creating an immersive activation that would allow attendees to dive deep into their platform and thrill them with a jaw-dropping design, and unexpected moments, all cleverly crafted to drive advertising revenue.

Before this opportunity disappeared, we got to work bringing the Snapchat activation to life –infusing full-on fun, cool content capture experiences that would allow attendees to get expressive. So that Snap could communicate their spectacular story, we partnered up with famed designer Willo Perron for a few show-stopping, snap-worthy hero moments. Bright yellow elevators announced to guests that they had arrived for a brilliant experience. The snap button come to life in the atrium through a circular lounge, bar, and registration areas. Rapid-fire OMGs were issued, as guests encountered our stage featuring a gigantic, luminous hand sculpture holding a Snap branded mobile device which screened content in front of a curved LED wall.

From there, the Snap team was able to give an inside look at how their community uses the platform to live, communicate, and connect every day. To generate excitement for full AR immersion, we created blazing yellow pedestals to house AR Mirrors that offered up plenty of smiles with reflections that were true masterpieces. This super engaging NewFront was a creative tour-de-force and live-streamed to home audiences.

Our Snap-worthy brandscape stole the show. It was the perfect platform for Snap to engage with its community, showcase its offerings, and generate more adverting revenue.

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