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Nike Zoom City Arena

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Nike was looking to create an All-Star activation. A never-been-done-before experience that would showcase the evolution of Nike basketball and inspire young athletes to Conquer the Courts.

It was one of the biggest, boldest, branded environments ever built. A three-story, pop-up arena located in NYC’s Tribeca – built in just 30 days. This dreamscape of futuristic basketball play redefined the way fans and sneakerheads could experience the game through a fully interactive, regulation-sized LED court that displayed customized content and interactive training programs. Guests were immersed in Nike’s legacy and passion for innovation in the Zoom Genealogy Room, which housed 20 shoes in honor of 20 years of Nike Zoom. Overhead a technically advanced Kinetic Lighting structure moved and rotated above the museum of shoes.

In the Council of Zoom half-court area, Nike Zoom’s brand story unfolded through Nike Zoom Elites, including LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kobe Bryant. Fans flashed their smiles and took advantage of perfectly staged photo ops. A dark dramatic tunnel led to Zoom City legends, where attendees could immerse themselves in a hi-tech basketball experience. The retail area featured the yet-to-be released Apple iPhone, and the newest line of Zoom shoes, which were built directly courtside so fans could easily purchase gear. Attendees were at the edge of their seats with competitive play as the New York High School Playoff series unfolded center stage.

This was one of the most talked about, tech-savvy activations of its time. Best of all, it went on to capture several noteworthy industry awards, taking home a 2015 Grand CLIO for Engagement and Experiential, as well as a 2015 Gold Clio for Architectural Design.

This brilliant interactive design earned Nike a nod from Fast Company as a finalist in the 2015 Innovation By Design Awards. Nike Zoom City Arena was a truly transformative experience, one that forever changed the game.

2015 Grand CLIO Experiential

2015 Gold CLIO Architectural Interior

2020 Winner Best Brand Activation of the Decade

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