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Nike Queens of the Future

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Nike wanted to make a powerful statement in advance of the 2019 US Open, inviting the Queens of the court to William F. Passannante Park in NYC for a legendary day of play designed to inspire young girls to chase their dreams. To make this historic event happen, we built a court worthy of tennis royalty and created activations that would allow these future tennis stars to hone their skills.

The world’s greatest female tennis players including Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Naomi Osaka, Simona Halep, Sloan Stephens, Victoria Azarenka, Madison Kaye, and Petra Kitova took to the court offering advice and challenging these young athletes to press harder and never give up. There was a three-day clinic that was open to the community, where attendees could test their skills and measure their serving accuracy. Players captured their victory dances at one of the off-court activations, walked through a grand slam gallery of tennis’s elite female athletes, and shared messages that created a dynamic ball mural. This event was a powerful reminder that sport changes everything.


  • 11 of the greatest female tennis players challenged the queens of the future on and off court
  • Immersive activations allowed the community to hone their skills and create cool videos primed for social sharing
  • It was a once in a lifetime experience for these young queens of the future, who got to meet their idols and collect invaluable life lessons and tips on game play
  • William F. Passannante Park was transformed into an elite tennis center, worthy of tennis royalty
  • DJ, and passed hors d’oeuvres kept invited guests nourished and entertained
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