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Nike NBA Uniform Launch

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In the fall of 2017 Nike had a lot to tell the world. They had secured the NBA contract to produce the new league uniforms, redefining the player experience, and revolutionizing the consumer’s connection to their favorite players. The uniforms incorporate NFC Connect technology allowing fans to link to player stats and experience the game like never before. For this pivotal industry and consumer announcement, Nike wanted to defy the rules. To unveil the most technically advanced athletic wear ever created in a whole new way. 

800 influencers and members of the media were invited to Sony Studios in LA for one of the most dramatic product launches in history. On a super tight turnaround, productionglue created an event space that was as futuristic as the technology and as grand as the NBA itself. A huge LED wall broke apart and began tracking independently around the room to reveal the uniform gallery featuring the entire collection of NBA home jerseys on mannequins. For this to happen we needed the best automation minds in the business, our friends at Tait Towers. Together with our other partners and Nike Brand Design we made this launch happen seamlessly and let the story tell itself.

Technology brought this event to life. From the futurist walkway that transported attendees into the event environment, to the audio and lighting that helped deliver the surprise reveals. Without multiple integrated entertainment technology hardware and software, this would have been a typical press event. Nike wanted to break the rules, morphing a press engagement into a concert, into product launch and showcase fit for media, influencers, and fans. By literally breaking down walls, Nike was able to redefine the media live event experience.

2018 Silver Winner: Best Combination of Event Technologies (B-to-B)


Foot LED Wall That Divided + Moved


Super Cool Way To Reveal a New Product

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