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Nike Brahaus Tour

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Nike wanted to help women get fit for sport and styled for life. Whether they are crushing a workout, playing soccer, or training for a Marathon – having a great bra can help them reach their goal. To celebrate their sports bra and outfit women everywhere, Nike was looking to create a series of retail pop-ups.

Together, we brought the Nike BraHaus Tour to Chicago in advance of the Chicago Marathon, to New York City for Nickelodeon World Play Day, and to The Wing’s exclusive Camp No Man’s Land. Each location had a unique feel that showcased athletic apparel and encouraged customization to make fitness and fashion reflect the consumer. These pop-ups not only offered 1:1 personalized bra-fitting sessions, they took bra customization to a whole new level, allowing women to express themselves and celebrate their accomplishments. Aspiring athletes and women of all shapes and sizes were able to finally find their perfect sports fit.

Sleek, premium displays showcased bold new looks and helped kick this unique retail experience into high gear. There was hair braiding, panel discussions, athlete talks, education centers, wellness programs, along with clinics and coaching inspiring women to Just Do It – their own way.

Whether training for everyday activities or for a marathon, this intimate experience helped women to feel supported as athletes and ensured that they would have the right fit for everything they do.

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