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NBC News Democracy Plaza

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Presidential Elections make for riveting television, with the American public tuning in to watch the subtle shifts in the electoral map as it forms waves of color that blanket the nation. NBC News was looking to capture the public’s election enthusiasm by bringing their Decision Desk to the streets of NYC for a live broadcast. 

Hurricane Sandy was no match for productionglue. We worked our magic, deftly transitioning Rockefeller Center into NBC News’ Democracy Plaza. All eyes were centered on the iconic skating rink which became an interactive U.S. map, filling in with reds and blues as each state was called. It was a massive hit with viewers who loved the energy and excitement that pulsated throughout NBC’s Election Night. On the ground, there were plenty of immersive experiences, including a Presidential photo op in our Oval Office, and a video booth that allowed guests to record their very own mock NBC Newscast. It was a truly electric experience, one that reinforced the network’s must-see-tv status.



Our technical direction and design expertise ensured that 2 large cranes, along with our suspended camera solution, would not be impacted by mother nature. Though the storm forced a 24-hour break in installation, we activated a 100-person crew at signature speed to deliver this award-winning epicenter of election politics on time and on budget.

NBC News’ Democracy Plaza was a stunning success with thousands gathering to watch election results live from Rockefeller Center. The network’s coverage topped the charts, outperforming the competition for a decisive win.



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