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National Geographic MARS

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To promote the mini-series, National Geographic Channel and productionglue teamed up to bring the excitement and rigors of a journey to Mars to downtown Manhattan.

Intrigued by our custom-designed, interconnected dome-tent structures, curious passersby were soon plunged into some of the challenges that an astronaut crew might face as the first humans voyaging to and living on Mars. Guests received mission briefings and training; felt the swirls and thumps of craft-landing via our custom simulator and VR experience; and viscerally understood the difficulties of working in space after trying out tasks inside our custom vacuum box simulators. Optimistic-yetrealistic: Mission accomplished!


  • Provided comprehensive event concepting, production and management
  • Designed and built over 6,000 sq. ft. of custom domes and other bespoke elements
  • Piqued viewer interest through immersive, senses-stoking experiences that entertained while educating

2017 Gold CLIO Events- Experiential:

2017 Silver Winner: Best Combination of Event Technologies (B-to-C)

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