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National Geographic MARS

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National Geographic Channel wanted to promote their new mini-series Mars with an out-of-this-world experience that would take guests on a journey of a lifetime. 

We took our mission seriously and partnered up with Civic Entertainment Group to create one of the most talked-about activations ever built. Can you imagine a better way to kick-off a new mini-series than to launch brave Manhattanites into orbit for an interplanetary trip to Mars? Guests prepared for the rigors of their journey inside a 6,000 square foot custom-designed space center, featuring interconnected domes. At Mission Control, science-infused storytelling came to life as visitors braced for some of the challenges that their crew might face voyaging to, and living on the red planet. Not only did these would-be astronauts receive mission briefings and training via our custom simulator, a cable coaster VR ride provided the swirls and thumps of a craft-landing as it descended from high in the air.


This immersive activation provided attendees with a visceral understanding of the challenges of working in space as they attempted to perform tasks inside a vacuum box simulator. Hello Houston: Mission Accomplished!

The National Geographic Mars Experience rocketed to the top, landing a bevy of awards, and setting a new standard for immersive branded environments. This cosmic adventure fueled social streams and earned the praise of media including Space, Fast Company, National Geographic, and BizBash.

2017 Gold CLIO Events- Experiential:

2017 Silver Winner: Best Combination of Event Technologies (B-to-C)


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