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MDLBEAST Presents Aravia

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The world was watching as FIFA World Cup headed to Doha, Qatar. MDLBEAST a Saudi Arabian entertainment company, was looking to produce their first major music festival outside of the Kingdom, creating a semi-permanent venue where spellbinding post-match performances would play out in a brilliant Aravian dreamscape for 28 consecutive nights.

It was game time for us, building a spectacular prismatic stage that drew inspiration from an official FIFA match ball. Following the thrill of the game, the atmosphere turned electric as fans stepped off the pitch and onto the dance floor. Rich vibrant colors enveloped these partygoers as projection mapped visuals moved in time to the beat. Fiery pyrotechnics punctuated performances by today’s biggest stars. The 17-meter-long stage became a show-stopping centerpiece that shone like diamonds, bringing guests on an immersive journey through Aravia.

Fans celebrated in Al-Wakra with 56 international artists including David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, regionals artists, and legendary AAA DJs delivered over-the-top entertainment for 28 glorious nights. Over 60,000+ patrons played under the stars, celebrating team, goals, and newfound friends. Elevated VIP areas offered dramatic views of the stage, dappling guests in an Aravian glow. Ravers could score delicious dishes at one of 11 onsite eateries and six bars, fueling up before returning to the dance floor.

We were proud to help MDLBEAST reach their goal of bringing best-in-class immersive entertainment to Doha, creating a World Cup celebration worthy of champions.

It was a win for ages. MDLBEAST delivered their first major music festival outside of Saudi Arabia to much acclaim, providing over-the-top entertainment, and capturing headlines around the globe.

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