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MDLBEAST Erga 2024

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MDLBEAST set out on a mission to infuse new life into a former hospital in Riyadh, bringing energy and vibes to the venue. With the support of TAIT, Erga aimed to push the boundaries of traditional events. The concert series, designed to run for nine days weekly, from December 22 through March 1, offered a unique blend of musical and cultural experiences that would resonate across the city.

The event showcased a stellar lineup of DJs including Claptone, Leigh Ross, Narkbeat, Rolbac, and N.A.H, who provided a rich tapestry of acoustic experiences to a diverse audience. Set against the intriguing backdrop of the abandoned Irqah Hospital, the series unfolded on two tailor-made stages—The Ward and The ER—each offering an immersive audio-visual experience.

This unique setting added an element of dystopian allure, captivating guests through varied sounds and styles. The inclusion of both local and international artists like Franky Rizardo, ANT, B-Hydra, Emad, and Rash electrified the atmosphere, marking the Irqah Hospital a nexus of rave culture.

The collaboration between MDLBEAST and TAIT revitalized a forgotten space, turning it into a beacon of creativity and unity. This series not only highlighted the transformative potential of music but also showed how innovative venues can cultivate community and shared experiences.

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