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Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy

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Iconic hip-hop artist Drake was looking to revive an avant-garde wonderland, acquiring the vintage amusement park known as Luna Luna, featuring hand crafted attractions designed by legendary artists including David Hockney, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring, among other contemporaries. Originally the brainchild of André Heller, an Austrian artist, the fair debuted in Hamburg, Germany in 1987. The task was set to unearth this fantastical fair and welcome in art enthusiasts from around the world for a multi-sensory experience.

The TAIT Group got to work playing a pivotal role in bringing this project to fruition. From exploring the ambitious ideas surrounding a traveling theme park to assessing new work attractions that would draw in crowds. Master planning gave way to production management and hiring the operational staff needed to ensure that this 60,000 square foot fantasyland could take flight. The doors opened on something truly spectacular, a whimsical fairground showcasing a myriad of renowned artists’ amusements nestled within a cavernous hanger.

Where attendees can step back in time, circumnavigating vintage treasures. Patrons can pose for pictures as roving performers amplify the carnival atmosphere. To facilitate site planning and throughput modeling, 3D scans of the Historic Works were produced, along with as-built drawings of each forgotten artwork.

TAIT Navigator, our proprietary show control platform, is providing Luna Luna with a single operational hub, ensuring show quality production for each part of the experience. Luna Luna has been a staggering success, capturing headlines around the globe, uniting art enthusiasts and the curious together for a thought-provoking, nostalgic experience.

Photo Credits:
Top image: © Keith Haring Foundation. Courtesy Luna Luna, LLC
Images 2 & 3 © Estate of Jean Michel Basquiat. Courtesy Luna Luna, LLC

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