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Little Island presents NYC FREE

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New York’s newest park and arguably its most adorable, Little Island at Pier 55 in Hudson River Park, was looking to show off its lush verdant pathways and introduce New Yorkers to its whimsical space-aged design. They wanted to turn up summer fun and host a month-long NYC Free Festival as part of the statewide NY PopsUp! Initiative to welcome back the arts, post-pandemic.

We jumped at the chance to help kick the festivities into high gear, bringing free performances to The Amph, a bespoke 687-seat wooden amphitheater. Little Island is the perfect oasis for New Yorkers to enjoy live performances, dance, experimental music, interactive poetry walks, late-night comedy shows, and awesome art commissions which are being rolled out throughout the year. With astonishing vistas, pristine lawns and a performance stage in the Glade, and a colorful tented dining area called The Play Ground, it is a veritable entertainment center. For the month-long festival, we brought in audio, site materials, labor support, along with a tap dance floor that helped 460 talented local artists shine from center stage for 160 performances.

These free events put the spotlight on this tiny floating island and celebrated the talented musicians who weathered the lack of performance opportunities during the pandemic.

NYC FREE brought joy to thousands of New Yorkers, who came together to experience something moving, something magical. The festival signaled a new beginning for NY’s newest park and for life post-pandemic. It provided these talented artists played once again play to live audiences – from a truly spectacular location.


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