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There are a lot of female visual artists out there–51 percent to be exact–but their work makes up less than 5 percent of all permanent collections. LifeWTR wanted to change that with its “Art By a Woman” campaign.

The brand launched the idea by setting up a wall of empty frames outside New York’s Lincoln Center—an empty gallery. But when attendees ventured to the other side of the wall, they were surrounded by beautiful works of art, created by women. 

“We wanted to launch this video to have a compelling, strong social call to action to really fill the world with more women’s art because there’s a void there,” said Todd Kaplan, VP of PepsiCo’s North America beverages water portfolio.


  • Sourced a high profile location in New York City
  • 24-hour build, show, strike
  • Coordinated with multiple artists on receipt, storing and mounting work.

Winner: User Generated Content


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