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There are a lot of female visual artists out there, 51 percent to be exact, but their work makes up less than 5 percent of all permanent collections. LifeWTR wanted to change this dynamic with a campaign that focused entirely on Art By a Woman. To support this, they were looking to build an outdoor gallery that would draw attention to this inequity.

We partnered up with R/GA to transform New York’s Lincoln Center into a pop-up art gallery that celebrated LifeWTR’s new campaign –– and we did it in just 24 hours. As guests approached the activation they were struck by large empty frames hung upon sleek white walls, providing a glimpse at a world where only half of all artists are represented. As they ventured around to the other side, they were confronted by striking pieces created by female artists that lined every inch of the gallery’s 60-foot walls. Todd Kaplan, VP of PepsiCo North America noted, “We wanted to launch this campaign to have a compelling, strong social call to action to really fill the world with more women’s art because there’s a void there.”

To pull off this incredible feat, we tackled a bevy of logistical challenges including a tight turnaround and coordinating with artists on the receipt, storing, and mounting of their works.

This award-winning activation surpassed LifeWTR’s expectations, increasing awareness, and driving conversations. In fact, #ArtByAWomen was mentioned over 8,000 times on social media, with over 17,000 women contributing artwork via the hashtag.



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