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Land O’Lakes The Food Effect

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Land O’ Lakes wanted to make a splash at SXSW, showcasing how food and technology intersect. They were looking to bring people together with diverse points of view including food policy experts, university researchers, authors, technology gurus, and farmers to discuss one of the world’s most pressing issues – how to feed the next billion people.

We partnered up with Civic Entertainment Group to create one of the most talked-about activations at the festival. Stories of food shortages and struggle were shared across telephone lines through an interactive display that fueled hunger relief efforts with every message played. A giant VR head of lettuce used the magic of video to transport guests into the future of farming without a headset. The Food Effect flawlessly married a bevy of technologies to convey a powerful message, scoring big points with attendees on their innovative approach to a complex conundrum. Land O’Lakes was able to connect to consumers through gamification, requiring players to correctly sequence genes in order to reduce C02.

A futuristic robotic inkjet printer emblazoned impactful murals on the wall depicting satellite views of farmland.

This immersive environment was a phenomenal success, so much so that it now permanently resides at the Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana.

Attendees went wild for this award-winning activation, earning over 120 million impressions on social media and generating more than 288 media stories. Best of all, attendees’ actions within the environment resulted in a donation of over 40,000 pounds to the Central Texas Food Bank.

2018 Gold Winner Best Combination of Event Technologies (B-to-C)


Media Stories Generated


Social Impressions


Pounds of Food Donated

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