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Land O’Lakes The Copernicus Project

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This year at SXSW, Land O’Lakes paid homage to Copernicus, whose discovery changed how we see our place in the solar system. The Copernicus Project aimed to change attendees’ assumptions about our food system by exploring the intersection between health, technology and food safety. 

We helped Land O’Lakes deliver an immersive journey that allowed guests to interact with A Measure of Now, an interactive sculpture illustrating the interconnectedness of our food system. They explored the Truth About Biodiversity through a dynamic infographic that revealed shocking facts about our diet. At Us to Dust, attendees took on the role of a nanobot to explore how technology is tackling disease and slid down a whimsical slide into a giant avocado ball pit.

For the second year in a row Land O’Lakes activation was hailed a huge success by ADWEEK, and noted chef, author Andrew Zimmern remarked “The Copernicus Project is the coolest thing I’ve seen at South by Southwest this year. Bravo Land O’Lakes, Inc. for pushing this message out into the world”.


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