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Jordan Women’s Creative Collective

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To honor their new women’s apparel capsule, Jordan Brand wanted to host a round table brunch where powerful women could discuss what matters most to them. This highly curated luncheon would not only bring together a strong community of voices, it would offer a space for these women to express themselves creatively, as well as introduce this diverse collective of women to the Jordan Women’s Flight Utility collection.

We transformed a space in Chelsea into a sleek, modern forum where the voices of 30 female influencers across various disciplines were elevated and united in conversation. This Jordan Brand New York Fashion Week event did just that, honoring the community and what connects us, as well as paying homage to the brand. This Instagram worthy showcase exhibited curated Jordan Women’s DNA footwear showing where we started, alongside premium display models dressed in the newly launched apparel – which reminded us that it is impossible alone, possible together. The super swank luncheon included a lounge to enjoy cocktails and network with newfound friends.

There were apparel customization workshops, screen printing, and sewing stations where attendees could get expressive after the day’s discussion and open up to consumers for the 2 days following the launch. A DJ provided an inspiring soundtrack of motivation and empowerment tunes enjoyed throughout the day.

This small but powerful event helped position the Jordan Brand surrounding New York Fashion Week and offered an intimate experience surrounding their new apparel line.

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