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Immersive Van Gogh

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When legendary Creative Director, David Korins and world-renowned Digital Artist, Massimiliano Siccardi were looking for a team to help bring their traveling Van Gogh experience to life through theatrical storytelling and cutting-edge technology – we saw Sunflowers. 

We partnered up with Lighthouse Immersive spending many Starry Nights transforming NYC’s Pier 36, into an Immersive Van Gogh digital art installation where guests could step into Vincent’s masterworks. Emmy Award-winning and Tony Award-nominated designer David Korins lent his creative vision, reimagining over 75,000 square feet of courts and translating them into a spectacular visual journey for NYC – a standout from the other stops on the tour. Our team worked diligently behind-the-scenes mixings palettes for 90,000,000 pixels to play. This immersive art experience had over 500,000 cubic feet of projections, surrounding the audience and enveloping them in the magic of Van Gogh and ensuring that Irises shined bright.

Starry Night took on new dimensions, becoming a light installation that swirled and danced from above, while an Absinthe Bar basked people in its emerald hue. Attendees could step into a Chromesthesia Booth where prismatic colors set a bold tone. A true masterpiece for the senses.

Immersive Van Gogh earned its reputation by changing how people experienced art. It received rave reviews from critics worldwide and was even featured on the Netflix hit show Emily in Paris. This sold-out NYC experience was a veritable portrait of success, heralding the return of live experiences in a post-pandemic art world.


Sq Ft Scenic Buildout




Paint Brushes


Sq Ft Acrylic Mirror


Miles of Aircraft Cable


Large In-Person Event Post Covid

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