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HUGO BOSS Fall Holiday Press Day

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HUGO BOSS was looking to preview their fall holiday collection to media, trend makers, and influencers. Connecting to young culture mavens through compelling narratives, inspiring them to #HugoYourOwnWay and #BeYourOwnBoss, driving brand affinity, and building loyalty.

We got to work setting the stage for a spectacular rollout, transforming their office showroom into a brilliant brandscape welcoming in media and influencers. Dimensional signage made a bold statement, standing between Boss mannequins that were draped in apparel from the fall capsule collections. Attendees got a first-hand look at daring collaborations in a space that reflected these unexpected pairings. There were streetwear-styled vignettes featuring warm apparel and cool collabs with brands like the NBA, Porsche, and Khaby. Dramatic lighting punctuated product reveals which played out throughout the space.

A curated collection of color-coordinated clothing hung on sleek racks, surrounded by swoon-worthy accessories draped on shelves and pedestals. It was a 360 Hugo Boss experience that allowed media and influencers to see how they are redefining fashion for the next generation, a lifestyle collection to move people into action to create a better world. This fashion forum featured a bevy of embargoed product and required a high level of security and secrecy to ensure that the unreleased Hugo Boss collection stayed under wraps until its fall release.

We were able to help HUGO BOSS tell their brand story in an innovative and unexpected way that allowed media and influencers to sneak a peek at how they are redefining fashion for the next generation through meaningful design and innovation.

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