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Greenhouse Open Forum 2021

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Greenhouse, a hiring software company who convenes the world’s top talent makers for impactful presentations and workshops around DE&I, Hiring Maturity, and recruitment solutions, was looking to safely conduct this year’s Greenhouse Open Forum in a virtual landscape. They were looking to create an engaging event where attendees could forge new connections, partake in meaningful conversations, and dive deeper into key topics through a mix of pre-recorded content and live panel discussions.

We worked with our client Greenhouse to produce a series of virtual Open events that were powerful, engaging, and accessible. Arriving guests connected through a branded portal where they could conduct 1:1 meetings, hear from luminary keynote speakers, get hands-on through a mix of workshops, customer success stories, and thought leadership presentations from business leaders and talent experts. There were immersive activities including meditation that helped guests fine-tune their focus along with a virtual photo booth where attendees could take professional headshots.

Our team worked methodically behind the scenes remotely training presenters and calling the show to ensure that all of these events went off without a hitch.

Almost 2,000 talent makers and professionals from around the globe participated in the first Greenhouse Open Forum, signing in from 56 countries for a truly engaging program that allowed attendees to gain insightful information into hiring practices for a new era. Carin Van Vuuren, Greenhouse’s CMO remarked, “Despite some of the challenges and wrinkles that can come from an all-virtual event, you all made this a smooth, seamless, and totally PRO experience”.

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