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Converse SHAPES + CX Launch

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Converse wanted to introduce their new innovative apparel line SHAPES, a collection designed to fit all body types in just four sizes and roll out the radical new CX, the next generation of footwear. They were looking to create an immersive journey through the Converse universe that would showcase the evolution of the brand to media, influencers, and retail partners.

This 2-day All-Star activation took attendees through 4 distinct rooms that focused the reimagination of the brand, showcasing innovation, and demonstrated the technologies powering their new products through a future-forward environment. Guests entered through a History Heritage room which honored Chucks and the Converse legacy from 1917 to present-day with artifacts from the archives. In the boldly designed CX Tool Kit room, Converse’s core materials were on full display through 3 large sculptures. Attendees could explore concept shoes, view, and wear test the new CX collection.

As they made their way into the SHAPES room, 20 vertical screens presented the collection in a whole new light, creating a unique 360-runway experience. Models and mannequins were on hand in the Apparel Showcase room where the designers talked about the importance of creating a collection made to fit all body types.

This press and retail buyer’s event pushed boundaries to create an unforgettable experience that was as futuristic as their new products.

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