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Case Study Nike Air Max Day 2024

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Nike set out to elevate Air Max Day 2024 at Brooklyn’s Duggal Greenhouse into an unparalleled celebration of Air Max innovation, aiming to captivate sneaker enthusiasts with a deeply immersive experience. To realize this ambitious vision, Nike enlisted TAIT’s expertise.

We crafted an iconic entry marked by towering red Nike shoe boxes, leading into the event. Inside, attendees discovered the Airmax Dynamic Gift Shop, filled with exclusive merchandise. Highlighting the event was the unveiling of the Air Max Dn, featuring pioneering heel-to-toe technology.

The “Airmax Maxxed Out Bounce” House and “Dynamic Land” slide energized the atmosphere, while the “Airmax Warp World” maze offered a captivating exploration of Air Max history. Completing these interactive experiences unlocked exclusive merchandise, enriching the attendee journey. The event vibrated with performances and DJ sets from Kai Cenat, Ninjayla, Don Toliver, Botez, Sushi, Zillion, Odalys, and Ayanna Heaven, melding music with sneaker culture.

With TAIT’s collaboration, Air Max Day 2024 transcended expectations. This event not only achieved Nike’s goal of showcasing Air Max’s innovative spirit but also created a lasting, memorable experience for the sneaker community.

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