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AMC Fear The Walking Dead

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Standing out at frenetic Comic-Con is no easy trick. AMC was looking to give fans a frightful, immersive experience that would give players the opportunity to choose their own fate.

We created five distinct customized, interactive games that plunged fans into the post-apocalyptic, wits-testing world of Fear the Walking Dead aboard a recreation of its luxury yacht set – The Abigail. Participants navigated our mind-bending spaces – created from actual show props and bespoke pieces – making “do-or-die” decisions mirroring series plot twists – putting them at the helm of their own fate. Each fan emerging victorious – and alive! – received a personalized TOPPS trading card that showcased their game-playing prowess.

This award-winning event utilized RFID technology to build the ultimate Fear the Walking Dead gaming experience that made players the masters of their own fate. Guests waited in line for upward of 3 hours for the chance to Fear The Walking Dead, in one of the most talked-about ComicCon activations

2016 Gold Winner Best Combination of Event Technologies (B-to-C)


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