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A&E Bates Motel SXSW

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A&E challenged us to up the ante for our second consecutive Bates Motel experience at SXSW. Dispensing with facsimiles, we wanted to give fright fans the real deal by building a fully operational motel – available for creepy explorations by day and nightmare-tempting sleepovers by night.

In just three days, we constructed an up-to-code Bates Motel that was the first temporary structure ever approved by the City of Austin for overnight stays. Guests marveled at the series-authentic décor and denizens – including a concierge knowledgeable in all things White Pine Bay – and took thousands of branded souvenir snaps using our interactive photo technology. An integrated contest provided attendees with a once-in-a-lifetime experience to win an overnight stay in one of the blood-splattered motel rooms.

This ghoulish attraction was the talk of SXSW, with coverage by major media outlets, including Variety, Mashable, AdWeek, IndieWire and Glamour.

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