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9/11 Commemoration

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For the past two years, we’ve proudly stood alongside the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, honoring the memory of those lost on that fateful day and recognizing the unparalleled bravery and unwavering resilience displayed by the first responders and survivors. The annual commemoration event, held each September 11th, plays an essential role, upholding the memory of those events, encouraging deep contemplation, and cultivating a spirit of togetherness. In commemoration of the 22nd anniversary, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum wanted to uphold this tradition with the profound solemnity and respect it deserves. 

Amid the aftermath of rain and prevailing overcast skies in lower Manhattan, the 911 commemoration presented with a distinctive set of challenges. While the persistent rain added to the event’s solemnity, it also introduced logistical intricacies that called for creative problem-solving and exceptional teamwork. The team operated seamlessly working to safeguard delicate equipment, uphold quality and ensure the safety of crew and guests, pulling off a flawless event that resonated and impacted viewers.

Additionally, we supported Cantor Fitzgerald in commemorating their fallen team through a powerful and emotionally charged event, held at the hallowed grounds of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. The Cantor family, along with invited guests and well-wishers, had a meaningful opportunity to show their respects and pay tribute to their heroes.

We supported the 9/11 Memorial & Museum by creating a powerful event, celebrating the bravery of first responders, and honoring those lost on that fateful day. Together, we shared their stories, ensuring their memory lives on, reminding the world of our collective strength and resilience.

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