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Meet Claudine Goin Head of Business Development

By: productionglue


She’s a night owl, cat momma, and Head of Business Development for productionglue.

Claudine is a tour de force, a fierce Black woman who has turned the experiential world upside down. She’s unflappable, super creative, and takes an empathic approach to all that she undertakes. And we’re thrilled to share that she is moving from the role of Senior Producer to the Head of Business Development.  

Yup, she likes to build incredible things. It’s the thing she loves most about her job, taking an idea and developing it into something extraordinary. We will let you in on a little secret – she’s a bit of a techie. Claudine’s a former University of Virginia Engineering student who went rogue, changing course and moving into Sociology. No joke, she is totally analyzing you as you read this. Her keen understanding of people informs her approach to engaging diverse audiences.

Claudine’s got legendary hustle. A woman who has been building brand experiences for the past 23 years, and for the past six producing extraordinary events for productionglue. She has worked on a bevy of award-winning activations for clients such as Nike, Amazon, TBS, and Thrillist. Claudine has a keen understanding of how to draw out a client’s vision and goals. She couples that with her production know-how to continually deliver successful events time and time again.

She’s gifted at managing teams, various departments, and working with many different types of personalities. She knows how to make client teams happy, even when one person is telling her to stretch out the show and the other telling her to wrap it up so they can shut it down and begin load-in for the next event. She’s adept at solving sticky situations behind the scenes so that both clients get what they need, and the consumer experience is not compromised. It truly happened and none the wiser. You really can’t ruffle her feathers. Most importantly, she’s a woman who stands up for what she believes in, advocates for her peers, and speaks out against injustice. It’s one of the qualities that have made Claudine a client fave. They know they can trust her to deliver, time and again. She is a relationship builder, earning client confidence by pulling off the extraordinary. In fact, a client dubbed her a true “Miracle Worker” and suggested that we put it on her business card. It’s Claudine’s ability to navigate complex waters, brand mastery, her ability to advocate for all parties, paired with her innovative approach to problem-solving that has led us to elevate her into a new role. 

When asked about Claudine, one of her colleagues chimed in, “Her superpower is the ability to look at something big and messy, and immediately break it down into what is actually important. She cuts through the nonsense”. That’s her in a nutshell.

Next time you see Claudine (she’ll be the one sporting her iconic matte purple lipstick) say hello and congrats. We are thrilled to have her in her new role!