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How to greenify your XP: The art of sustainability

By: Maylin Tu


As in-person concerts, festivals and brand experiences start to make a comeback, so to do concerns about making large-scale XP as environmentally sustainable as possible. Industry leaders agree that fighting the effects of climate change is our collective responsibility, and brands that build sustainability into their experiences will stay ahead of the game.

Easier said than done, right? We spoke to some XPerts for their tips on how to make minimizing the carbon footprint of experiences a staple of your production cycle.

Start at the beginning. Robyn Henry, executive producer at the experiential agency productionglue, recommends “starting the conversation early so that sustainability can be factored in throughout the planning process.” Implementing best practices in pre-production can look like everything from designing with reusable materials to “having a diversion plan in place to donate materials once the event concludes.”

Decide on your goals. And then put those goals in writing. You don’t have to take on the whole world of sustainable practices at once, but it’s great to choose one or two things and aim to do them very well. Michele Fox, founder of MUSE (Members United for Sustainable Events), suggests writing a sustainability policy (here’s how) that clearly states how your company will implement your green values. Once the policy is in place, you can share it with event stakeholders.

See what Robyn and other industry experts have to say on sustainability…