Zach Zamchick

Business Administration Manager

From budgets and agreements to marketing campaigns and audience flow diagrams, Zach is adept at analyzing big data and deconstructing it into smaller parts to help tell a story. He’s a people person and a natural-born collaborator who loves to dive into detail. Not only is Zach a whiz with legal contracts, he loves the Oxford comma, an individual who can’t help putting things in their proper place. He has operations in his soul and dreams of building and refining system to create a better workflow for teams. Zach is also a man of contradictions. He’s a hotdog eating vegetarian, who found his love of order from his family of artists and creatives. We offer you the following warning in hopes of preserving our gluniverse. Zach has recently taken up coffee drinking, and frankly, we are not sure what will happen to him or those around him in the event of over caffeination.

  • No1.Grew up tap dancing and still have his shoes (K360s with the Savion Build-up!).
  • No2.Once was a giant chicken for Halloween.
  • No3.Can tie his grandma at Scrabble.
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