Zach Wright

Sr Technical Director

With tenacity and a love of problem-solving, Zach manages to maintain the perfect balance between getting his hands dirty and developing the big-picture strategy for some of our largest and most complex projects. He never shies away from impossible timelines or constraints and relishes the challenge of figuring out how to put shows in places they don’t typically belong. Zack’s knack for navigating non-traditional spaces has led to a broadcast studio in the heart of Rockefeller Plaza, and a projection-mapped football field in the courtyard of a very historic building, which arrived through a second-floor window. His down-to-earth leadership and communications style, paired with his obsession with efficiency and logistics, makes him a super gluey team member. When not balancing his typical show schedule, you’ll find Zach either out on an adventure or planning one – with his climbing shoes in tow, and his new puppy Lucy (a Heeler/Aussie Sheepdog mix) by his side. 

  • No1.Devout fan of the Maillard reaction and mise en place.
  • No2.Former jazz drummer and bandleader - favorite standard "Sticks" by Cannonball Adderley.
  • No3.Spent two months road-tripping and camping from East Texas to California and back.
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