Stephanie Kay Garcia

Production Coordinator


Steph is from the heart of Central Texas and journeyed into the world of live events at a young age. Picture a teenager with a heart full of passion, volunteering at music festivals and immersing herself in the electric atmosphere of concerts throughout Austin and San Antonio. After harnessing her talents and drive at NYU, where she earned a coveted BFA in Theater Management, Steph catapulted into a multifaceted freelance career. From corporate conferences to music festivals, Off-Broadway productions to zoos and theme parks, awards shows to museums and food brands—Steph has done it all! Fueling her boundless energy with a constant stream of caffeine, Steph fearlessly takes on every challenge that comes her way. Steph’s undeniable talent caught the attention of the glue team in 2016, and she quickly became an invaluable asset, contributing her expertise to numerous projects. In 2022, Steph made it official, joining the glue team as a full-time Production Coordinator. As a fearless problem solver, she approaches every situation with flexibility and a calm demeanor, even in the face of the most nail-bitingly stressful moments. And let’s not forget the snacks! Steph always comes prepared, ready to share some delicious treats and a good joke to keep the team’s spirits high.

  • No1.Is an award-winning NSBL competitive Skeeball player
  • No2.Won Dinosaur Trivia Night on the HQ Trivia app in 2018
  • No3.Still loves concerts and music festivals - her favorite genres are metal and hardcore (but she also secretly loves Taylor Swift)
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