Sean Grady

Graphic Artist


Sean is originally from the state of Iowa but currently lives in Asheville, NC. In high school, Sean’s passion for graphic design started with a single course that sparked an insatiable hunger for more. Unable to resist the allure of graphic design, Sean dove headfirst into every available course. It was during his first year of college he was offered a golden opportunity to work with a webmaster, designing pages that would shape his future as a designer. Since then, Sean has left an indelible mark on the design world, working with a wide array of clients that span the spectrum. From prestigious Forbes 500 companies to cherished friends and everything in between, he has showcased his versatility and adaptability as a multi-faceted designer. Drawing inspiration from diverse influences. With a Bachelor of Arts with an Emphasis in Graphic Design from Carson-Newman University, Sean has proven himself as a true master of his craft. His ability to blend artistry, innovation, and strategic thinking sets him apart.

  • No1.Got to meet and shake the hand of the Official Scribe and Calligrapher to the Crown, Donald Jackson.
  • No2.Logged over 3,000 hours of playtime (over 8 years) in the game Rocket League.
  • No3.Once extended recess period in third grade by hula-hooping for 43 minutes straight.
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