Robyn Henry

VP, Executive Producer & Team Lead


Robyn’s eye for crafting an event began with her early career as a Broadway Stage Manager and was honed studying International Festivals for her master’s degree in Edinburgh, Scotland. Over her last decade with productionglue, she has grown her skills (and her air miles), producing events around the world – from mayoral inaugurations to multi-national awards shows, to global brand product launches and sports celebrations (Go USWNT!). You can’t miss her…she’s the one rocking a double headset and “dotting every i” onsite. Robyn was our first sustainability star, helping to pioneer our GREENglue program and paving our eco-friendly ways. When not at work, Robyn can be found kayaking on the Hudson River, running the trails of upstate NY, or heading to the airport for the next adventure.

  • No1.She loves cold weather. Anyone want to do an event in Antartica? Seriously.
  • No2.Has kayaked around the entire island of Manhattan.
  • No3.Her ancestors landed in America, on Governor's Island in 1709. Flash forward a few centuries to when she worked the Dave Mathews Band concert there in 2011 (and then had to evacuate the island after the concert due to Hurricane Irene). Surreal!
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