Matt Richman

VP, Global Projects & Team Lead

Over the years, Matt has been the Senior Technical Producer for a large variety of productions ranging from very intimate private events to live national televised broadcasts, and everything in between. But no event can be done alone. Matt leads a strong team of gluers that are part of every show’s success, advising, training and educating along the way. His ability to connect the goals of multiple stakeholders, combined with his commitment to project excellence are what makes him a trusted partner and advocate for our clients. From “never before done” builds to long-standing annual projects, Matt commands multi-level, massive productions with unflappable control. His vast knowledge and proficiency in the field enable him to take on all aspects of an event from start to finish, making him an invaluable asset. His career began at a young age in concert touring, then expanded to encompass corporate business meetings, conventions, concerts, festivals, special events, auto shows, Broadway theater, and broadcast television. Not only is Matt accomplished across the U.S., he has produced a plethora of international shows in the UK, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Singapore, China, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turks and Caicos, The Bahamas and Canada. 

  • No1.Lives in Canada.
  • No2.Enjoys Cooking.
  • No3.Favorite Basketball Team: Toronto Raptors.
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