Mandy Berry

Senior Production Manager


Mandy Berry has over a decade of experience in event production, working as a coordinator, manager, and producer. She has worked in just about every state and 40+ countries touring with several top performance groups and events, most notably with Cirque Du Soleil. After staking NYC as home, she taught at NYU, produced several fashion shows, galas, interactive marketing campaigns, a multitude of concerts, and festivals. No one can stop Mandy. Not only is she efficient and effective in creating an enjoyable work environment, but she is also driven in her personal life having run and completed over 10 marathons. Her energy, endurance, passion along with her questionable taste in music (loves listening to 80’s boy-bands) have helped make her a success and propelled her to the finish line.

  • No1.Runs marathons.
  • No2.She has been in 3 different countries during government over throws.
  • No3.Used to have a pet pig.
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