Londeen McEachron

Assistant Technical Director


Londeen McEachron is a Brooklynite and productionglue’s assistant technical director extraordinaire. Londeen has a BFA in Technical Production from the prestigious Boston University and is a true maestro when it comes to turning visions into reality. With a diverse range of skills under his belt, he has donned many hats throughout his career—literally and figuratively! From drafting breathtaking designs to wielding hammers and nails as a skilled carpenter. He has worked his magic as an assistant technical director and even ascended to the esteemed position of technical director for numerous off-Broadway shows, events, and schools. His expertise and attention to detail shine through in every production he touches. When Londeen isn’t busy bringing stage dreams to life, you can find him soaking up the vibrant energy of Brooklyn. From exploring the bustling streets to indulging in the local culinary delights, he knows how to tap into the pulse of his beloved city.

  • No1.Lives with a one-eyed orange cat
  • No2.Is a houseplant enthusiast
  • No3.Is forklift certified
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