Lindsay Pitzer

Executive Producer


Lindsay loves logistics. She’s a skilled problem solver who dives into complex challenges with glee. Earning her degree from NYU in Theater Management, Lindsay began her career producing live events, theatrical entertainment, video, and interactive media before making her way to glue. She pours out creativity and pours over timelines, focused on her mission and leaving no stone unturned. She makes multitasking look easy, able to guide projects through to fruition with ease. When not in planning mode, Lindsay can be found skiing or scuba diving. She’s also an avid eater, scouring NYC for new tasty treats and craft beer.

  • No1.Seriously, loves to sleep in a tent – doesn’t matter – outdoors or indoors.
  • No2.In her youth she was in a world class drum and bugle corps.
  • No3.Can’t get enough sushi or lasagna.
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