Kaitlyn Bradway

Assistant Technical Director


Kaitlyn Bradway hails from Lancaster, PA! With a background in the electrifying world of technical theatre and armed with an MFA in Technical Production from Boston University, Kaitlyn is a true master of her craft. During her time at productionglue, Kaitlyn blazed a trail of greatness, fearlessly taking on various roles from being a production intern to rocking it as a Production Assistant, Production Coordinator, Graphics Manager/TD, and Assistant Technical Director; there’s no challenge she can’t conquer.  When she’s not busy wowing audiences with her technical prowess, Kaitlyn finds solace in the loving presence of her Australian Shepard sidekick, Billie. But don’t let her passion for production fool you—Kaitlyn knows how to kick up the excitement in her downtime too! Whether she’s sprinting through the streets, delving into the captivating realms of literature, whipping up culinary masterpieces, or exploring the far corners of the globe, Kaitlyn’s zest for life is truly contagious.

  • No1.Has been known to host a mean dinner party
  • No2.Has a collection of over 300 book with a goal of having her own library (1000 books)
  • No3.Can run a half marathon in under 2 hour
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