Julia Beu

Production Coordinator


Julia lives for live music and loves everything and anything in between! As a graduate of Georgetown University, she didn’t get her college degree in live events but is very happy to use her American Studies + Japanese + Theatre skills wherever they fit in (which happens more than you’d think!). Her attention to detail, problem-solving, and creativity lets her thrive in every environment whether it’s a music festival, corporate event, brand activation, gala, or TV broadcast. Outside of her production responsibilities, her main focus is sustainability within the events industry and outside of it, and she is feeling hopeful for the future. Her heart is in the arts, and when she’s not on-site, she can be found back in the ballet studio or re-watching Jurassic Park (it’s a really good movie). Above all, she feels very lucky to be surrounded by a team of such talented and kind individuals at glue.

  • No1.Her sisters, her parents, and her grandparents all have had careers in live events and the arts and Julia is thrilled to continue the family tradition.
  • No2.Rip Ride Rockit is her favorite roller coaster at Universal
  • No3.She speaks Japanese!
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