Jennifer Kurland


Jennifer Kurland is a celebrated industry leader, who has been innovating and executing live programing, branded experiences, and celebratory moments for over two decades on behalf of global brands including Nike, Tom Ford Beauty, Hulu, Cornell University, and Frieze. As a founding partner of productionglue, her ability to transform a client’s vision into an immersive experience through innovation and sustainable practices has earned her not only client loyalty but recognition throughout the field. Jennifer applies a holistic approach to client strategy and execution, as well as to the company’s infrastructure itself. In an industry that is predominantly male-dominated, Jen is keenly focused on gender equality and social impact. It’s not just talk, she mentors and inspires team members to stand up for good and stand up for one another. Her accolades include being named to Biz Bash’s Top 1000 People in Events 2019, the Top 500 People in Events 2018, and her expertise and industry insights shared with numerous noted publications.

  • No1.Her favorite things include the outdoors, Beyonce, and sweatpants. In no particular order.
  • No2.She really does have eyes in the back of her head. Just ask her children if you don't believe her.
  • No3.Bringing other people joy makes her happy.
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