Jeff Guidice

Technical Director


Jeff Guidice is an award-winning, unstoppable force in live production. With an awe-inspiring track record spanning over two decades, he has conquered every challenge from sold-out headliner concerts to exciting corporate extravaganzas. Armed with a blend of creativity, technical wizardry, and masterful production management skills, Jeff thrives on turning the seemingly impossible into the possible. Jeff’s superpower lies in his exceptional ability to communicate effortlessly with every member of the production team. A natural collaborator, he transforms the imaginative visions of designers while maintaining an unwavering focus on the tiniest details, elevating a production from great to truly extraordinary. Since making his mark in the Big Apple back in 2006, Jeff has worked alongside the crème de la crème of the entertainment industry. From world-renowned musical artists to A-list celebrities, major fashion houses to corporate giants – he’s done it all. Oh, and did we mention he’s even rubbed shoulders with four US Presidents? But shh, his lips are sealed when it comes to revealing which ones!

  • No1.Scuba certified and has (unintentionally) swam with sharks
  • No2.After years of experimenting, has finally mastered his grandmother's pasta sauce recipe
  • No3.His campfire s'mores are legendary.
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