Deanna DiBrienza

Business Development Coordinator

She’s a marketer, who uses her powers of persuasion to push projects over the finish line. Deanna’s got this – earning her degree from Marist College in Business Administration. She is a Brooklyn girl, born and raised, spending her early career as a project coordinator – is anyone else now hungry for tacos? She’s still pretty new to glue – but has quickly proven to be a true taskmaster, managing spreadsheets with conviction, and helping to keep new biz efforts aligned and on track. She’s part of our social club, swiping left with furious speed, and pouring out pop-culture quotes with unbridled enthusiasm. Her school report cards must have read: team player – seriously, she played varsity sports. When not on Zoom calls, Deanna spends her free time watching movies, planning trips, and exploring new foods.

  • No1.She is ambidextrous.
  • No2.She has an irrational fear of birds.
  • No3.Believes mermaids are real.
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