Deanna DiBrienza

Business Development Manager


Deanna is a proud Brooklynite and brings a unique blend of business acumen and unwavering passion to the world of project management. Deana has a degree in Business Administration, with a Marketing Concentration from Marist College, and is a true business professional with a flair for making things happen. With over six years of experience under her belt, she has navigated various industries, amassing a wealth of knowledge and expertise along the way. Her journey began in the realm of telecom management at Charter Communications, formerly known as Time Warner Cable. However, her appetite for new challenges led her to venture into the exciting world of construction management. There, she played a pivotal role in Taco Bell’s ambitious expansion initiative for their Cantina brand, taking the Taco Bell experience to new corners of the globe. She has also lent her expertise to small businesses as a freelancer, helping them establish a strong social media presence and harness the power of digital marketing. Currently, Deanna finds herself a valuable member of the business development team at productionglue. With her unwavering support and expertise, she helps new and existing clients transform their ideas from mere concepts on a page into breathtaking realities.

  • No1.She is ambidextrous.
  • No2.She has an irrational fear of birds.
  • No3.Believes mermaids are real.
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