Cola Solwitz

Senior Graphic Designer

Cola works her magic with everything she undertakes, striking the perfect balance between art and design. She’s in the trenches making client projects come to life visually, designing promotional products, and ensuring that we are making UX friendly decisions. She’s our graphics guru, our principal of print, and our leader of the latest looks. Not only is Cola deeply invested in making the world around her more colorful, she’s committed to environmentalism and community service. She has a wicked green thumb, transforming her windowsill into an enviable print-ready plant campaign. If you receive an OOO from her, it’s because she’s likely out on a mountain snowboarding or hiking or whipping up tasty treats with her husband and puppy.

  • No1.Snowboards 30-40 days a season, on and off resort. In the summer, is working on hiking all the Adirondack High Peaks.
  • No2.Traveled to 20 counties & counting across 6 continents.
  • No3.Proud mom to a dog, a cat, and 12+ orchid collection (the fur-babies are rescues, and a most of the orchids are too!)
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