Charlie Arnold

Digital Content Specialist

Charlie Arnold is our boots on the ground, capturing stunning images and compelling clips for glue and its clients. He’s been carrying a camera since he could walk, and his passion propelled him to study photography and film at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Since then he’s taken NYC by storm, directing music videos, assisting production on film and television sets, operating cameras for commercials, as well as shooting high profile fashion events. He instituted our office lunch club and is a connoisseur of all things impossibly tasty. He is fiercely competitive and always strategizes to ensure that he never loses a photography throw down. Charlie speaks SNKRS and has a growing collection of cool kicks. When not on assignment for glue, he can be found at a concert, music festival or reading by the beach.

  • No1.Contagiously outgoing.
  • No2.Likes to rock climb.
  • No3.Has never set off the fire alarm while cooking.
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