Cati Kalinoski

Production Coordinator


Working in and around creative people is what keeps Cati going, and they’re excited to work with a great team and fantastic clients at productionglue. Cati is a graduate of NYU with a BFA in Theatre with a focus on lighting design and an MA in Performance studies. They love connecting their creative brain with their technical background and having fun with the process. After dual trajectories in academia and the theater world, they put their eclectic set of skills to work in the events industry. They are a lover of all things plant-related and is an avid cook and baker on their days off, and loves to share with anyone who’s willing to visit them in Iowa (extra points if you brave the cold winter days)!

  • No1.Been to 43 states
  • No2.Never broken a bone
  • No3.Amtrak enthusiast
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