Baxter Engle

Technical Director

Baxter is a University of South Carolina graduate, receiving an MFA in theatre and media arts. Prior to arriving at glue, he worked as a technical director for non-profit and off-broadway theatres and freelanced as a scenic and video designer as well as an audio/video engineer. Baxter’s a master of simplifying complex ideas, having worked to develop a communication infrastructure for construction and lending his skills to OSHA. At glue, he helps to bring big ideas to life for some of our biggest clients. In his free time, Baxter plays around with art and animation, is a huge sports fan (Go Gamecocks! and Rip City), and reading.

  • No1.Grew up on a small goat farm in South Carolina.
  • No2.Random internet quizzes have said the following about Baxter, and he can speak to the truth of any of these outcomes. He's an INTJ personality. He's a Soft Girl. Other options were VSCO and E-Girl.
  • No3.He's a Ross. He's a hipster. As far as Disney Princesses go, he identifies mostly with Mulan. He's a millennial. This is true, and he doesn't know why there was a test for this. He belongs in House Slytherin. If he were a ninja turtle, he'd be Raphael. Disney Villan = Scar.
  • No4.He is of the opinion that a hot dog is not a sandwich.
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