Baxter Engle

Technical Producer


Baxter comes from an eclectic professional background. Prior to joining productionglue, he worked as a freelance designer, technician, creative content producer, and builder. This has proven to be beneficial in his work in technical production, design for theater, and media-based projects. A thinker, doer, sometimes artist, and life-long, student Baxter excels at simplifying complex ideas and navigating project goals from initial brief to final implementation. At productionglue, he has helped to bring big ideas to life for mainstream and premium brands and his varied experience has helped him to develop a unique skill set that combines technical expertise with creative problem-solving.

  • No1.Grew up on a small goat farm in South Carolina.
  • No2.Baxter is an avid bandwagon sports fan.
  • No3.He's a Ross. He's a hipster. As far as Disney Princesses go, he identifies mostly with Mulan. He's a millennial. This is true, and he doesn't know why there was a test for this. He belongs in House Slytherin. If he were a ninja turtle, he'd be Raphael. Disney Villan = Scar.
  • No4.He is of the opinion that a hot dog is not a sandwich.
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