Askia Bing

Senior Producer


Askia Bing, known to everyone as Bing, has produced immersive and experiential events for over 15 years. Hailing from Harlem, NYC Bing has proven himself as an award-winning senior producer on projects for Jack Daniels, TBS, Arizona Iced Tea, Verizon, American Express, Dos Equis, and many, many others. Bing’s career has spanned the gambit of production scenarios from festivals, pop-up shops and mobile vehicles to immersive experiences, live shows, and nationwide tours. Throughout his career, Bing has lived by what he calls “Bing-isms.” These are just ways of thinking to help navigate the landscape of event production. “Vendors should be used like tools in a toolbox. You don’t use a hammer when you really need a Phillips screwdriver so why would you use a print vendor to supply you with stage lighting”. In more recent years Bing has focused on educating young and less experienced producers and leading them in a way that supports their goals and also helps them realize that success isn’t about how big a budget you manage or the scale of a particular event. It’s about the knowledge you gain, the people you impact, and the wisdom to not make the same mistakes twice.

  • No1.Did 3 years of dance in high school and 1 year at The Alvin Ailey Repertory Dance Company.
  • No2.Is a wine snob in training.
  • No3.Was in a 90’s rap group that you’ve never heard of.
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