Andy Del Vecchio.

Senior Designer


Andy was born and raised in Rome, Italy. With an astounding 20 years of experience under his belt, Andy possesses an uncanny ability to transform clients’ visions into vibrant realities that leave a lasting impression. Andy’s journey began by immersing himself in the world of trade shows, dazzling audiences at renowned events like the GSMA Mobile World Congress. But his passion for creating immersive experiences knew no bounds, leading him to the glitz and glamour of movie premieres. From Disney’s The Avengers to Eat, Pray, Love, Angels and Demons, and Spiderman 2, Andy has left his mark on the silver screen, making movie magic come to life. But Andy’s talents didn’t stop there—his creative prowess expanded to conventions, experiential activations, and events of all shapes and sizes. The world became his canvas, and he painted it with extraordinary experiences that captivated audiences. Since joining the productionglue team, Andy has collaborated with top-notch clients, including the likes of Nike, Hugo Boss, TIME, and Bloomberg Philanthropies. His expertise and dedication have made him an invaluable asset, weaving his magic into every project he touches.

  • No1.Loves music and musicals, especially loves playing guitar and ukulele.
  • No2.Almost played Claude Hooper Bukowski from Hair in an amateur production - he didn’t get the part but met his wife to be!
  • No3.Is pretty skilled at soccer, got close to pro before his knees disagreed. He never misses a home team game - Go Roma!!
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